shading test

<p>village 2 from <a href=”″>Dennis Hlynsky</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


jack and the beanstalk

Last December my friend Jeremy Woodward proposed we revive the puppet theater I built and have a family Pantomime at the neighborhood social all in West Barrington. Settling on Jack and the Beanstalk (because everybody knew it) – the brothers and sisters an in-laws started working on making it happen. My son made a great LED lighting grid. The Hlynskys spent a day making sets and characters. the Wordwards produced music with the a ukelele band. Here are some process snaps.

wagon wheel effect

here an object with spokes is rotated and made into a movie that plays at 60 FPS without interlacing. The movie is then brought into After Effects and rendered by re-time sampling the movie at different frame rates. It is a little weird to stream this over the internet because the internet speed will drop frames – I am also not certain if when uploaded to Vimeo if the 60 FPS original was cut to 30 fps via the upload transcoder. Yikes – never certain of truth 24 frames per second any more.