Maya pummeling test

<p>pummeling test from <a href=”″>Dennis Hlynsky</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


An attempt to create a battleground surface shaped by massive artillery fire.

In Autodesk Maya an Ncloth is created and hit with Nparticles. The idea was to create a slightly moving surface. Since the polygon surface used to make the Ncloth is being used as an attractor to shape the surface one could get similar results with a series of blend shapes. The advantage of using particles to strike the surface is the option of secondary particles controlled by the collisions.

There are three sections

The first does limits the restitution to the surface

The second allows the surface to “spring back” but would be a means of producing a series of blend shapes which could be used to keep the cratering.

The third sections is an attempt to use a texture map to modify the cloth attraction to the original poly topography.



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