Code Book

Found this little book at the gathering of people who love things too much. Type on the cover said CODE BOOK. Inside there were all these little drawings and descriptions of movements for a gymnast. The boy was dressed smartly with curly hair. Sometimes he wore a suit jacket. The pages had yellowed. Not certain what to do with the drawings I thought of them as a source for VJ images. Lots of VJ Thus this little film made because I woke up too early on Veterans Day and spent about five hours ridding the drawings of surrounding type and the color of the paper.


The Swan Family


playing with area of the image that have different temporal attributes. I am fascinated at the strength and flexibility of the swan neck. In my imagining these birds are graceful swimmers representing the young couple in the spring floating in the private space of a small boat and in full public view.



The swans came for a while across the bay from my house. One day I videotaped them and now I am trying to figure out how to integrate them in the small minds series. Kind of happy with this