What comes down must go up. How do shoes that fall from the sky ascend? Those shoes that get tangled on telephone lines tied together as if waiting for a giant in a gym class. How do they get there?
This sketch is came out OK. The toon lines are stroked with oil paint effects on a revolved shape. Horizontal edges are then extruded to make good purchase for the toon lines. The entire shapes is then made into a ncloth and blown about with vortex’s. Like I said it worked OK. Its important to take the paint effect and broaden the brush. Otherwise the horizontal lines become too prominent.


reverse foot and render tests

yet another refinement of technique. Legs now have reverse foot lock. I am trying to generate an alpha matte for the active lines. First pass turns the visibility of the body off -resulting in lines everywhere including back faces and interior edges., second pass is just the body (bottom layer) third pass is a facing angle shader dark at the edges which is used as aplha to block the interior lines of the first pass.

The foot rig offers more control over the paws. So I am fairly happy with the controls. Back upper back leg gets overly deformed when the legs get too high. Is this a problem? I might try a sit down blend shape to compensate.

New Dog 2

I am working on the dog.. a little more aggressive … still need to work out the front paws and the rig … right now in this video I am moving the pup to see how the skin interacts with the edge lines and the sense of volume. The front legs don’t look right. The armpit is too high on the chest and the body is a bit stiff. The ring around the eye is too crude and the eyes are a bit too big and I intend to make them a bit more round. Front paws need to get bigger.

I am however happy with the general render treatment. The ground color comes from assigning a noise texture to a the volume light. Paint effects have been connected to the toon lines, with gaps, and a fast texture flow speed.

The next step is to re-rig, I am rethinking the bone structure in the neck and adding some detail to the head. Remake blend shapes and re-paint weights. I am nearly down to the serious animating.