dog + shoe

advancing this simple narrative regarding desire and energy. Now I think I need to remake the dog. Clearly the movement needs to gain speed. I am having some trouble judging the speed of the procedural animation. Because I need to move the dog to match the falling of the shoe – the speed of the procedural animation sets the overall speed. This makes it just OK. Not rendering every frame is an option. Time remapping in post feels like an OK solution. Really what I need to do is figure out how to set the space and time scale in Maya for the procedural part of the animation. Unfortunately when I increase the force to make it faster the model blows up on impact.

Searching for the balance.


the other shoe

The narrative that is forming as I make these tests is that of a lazy dog with desire. I will not go so far to say it is a self portrait or I am studying my fat cat for movements… I am just thinking about making a series of objects that a dog might like.

The major effort in this is to figure out procedural animation on the shoe laces. As in most things 3D my desire to think of the lace as one object was in error. Eventually I split the shoelace into three pieces. the free flowing ends were made into cloth with the ends constrained to the shoe. I tried to paint the deformation of the shoelace so the criss cross would hold it’s shape. The spots where the shoelace intersected the shoe were problematic. Thus the breaking of the lace into three parts.

Getting the speed of the procedural animation to match the desired animation timing of the dog will be a problem to solve as soon as a new dog gets made.

dog test for line quality

A very quick test of line quality with paint/toon shading in Maya. The dog is much like my fat cat. Expertize in exercise resistance and eating. I am working on this technique at the request of a student but am intrigued. I feel the technique has more potential than at the start of these experiments.